About Us

To accommodate clients in the central Arkansas area who want to witness the destruction of their materials on site or who do not want un-destroyed materials leaving their premises, Shred Smart owns and operates specially designed mobile shredding vehicles.

Our experienced operators visit your offices on a regular, pre-defined schedule. We destroy documents in our mobile shredding equipment on the spot and then take the shredded material to a recycling facility.

We safely and completely destroy all materials - whether stapled, clipped, or bound - using premium, industrial-grade shredders. We can even process non-paper materials.

We have always been, and always will be, a customer-focused and driven company. We know that by focusing on your needs, we will be contributing to the success of both our company and your company. Our goal is to provide the best service for the best price. We are striving to provide services that are second to none within the document destruction and recycling industry.

Shred Smart's focus is on providing excellent service and support. Our professional team of operators are encouraged to constantly monitor and communicate problems or ideas with our clients. This personal relationship ensures your company the highest level of service and security.

Shred Smart

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