The End of the Document Life Cycle

Shredding is an essential part in the document 'life cycle'. In terms of Records Management, knowing when or how to destroy a file can be one of a company's biggest headaches. Indeed it can be such a problem that many just choose to ignore it, leaving items in storgae indefinitely rather than confronting the issue of destroying them.

Ignoring the problem, however, is not an option. Items that remain forgotten simply add to the bulk of information being stored, becoming inflexible and ultimately unmanageable as meaningful data. It means many more boxes being stored than necessary with the commensurate increase in cost.

Shred Smart will manage the issue of document destruction for you. A highly pro-active approach to the retention of information is complemented by a fully comprehensive, environmentally-friendly and confidential service to assist in the destruction of files that have reached the end of their life cycle.
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